Sunday, 29 March 2015
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Big Bear Ranch
We believe in the importance of a holistic balance between land, plants, animals and people.

This starts with creating healthy fertile soil to grow a great variety of nutrient dense plants,
which our happy animals graze to provide you with nutritious and flavourful meat.
Sustainability is maintained through biodiversity. 

Big Bear Ranch was certified organic from 2004 until 2014 by PACS (PACS 16-250)

In 2014 we changed the certification body and are therefore now in transition again like the years prior to 2004.
You can be assured that we will continue to surpass the certification requirements as we have in the past, which was the reason we were in the Low Risk Category.

Because of the passing of Gigi I was not able to fill out the incredibly complicated paperwork in time and therefore PACS took us out of the Low Risk Program. The consequences are much higher costs and we cannot afford that.

Your health should be the main reason to eat grass fed beef, lamb or pasture raised pork and poultry.
But by choosing our products you also support a family farm with a variety of animals all sustainably and humanly raised in a natural, low stress environment.

For your convenience we personally deliver monthly to the Lower Mainland and also to the Okanagan and Prince George.

Please contact us by email, phone or fax to arrange for a delivery of our meat products.

Latest News
Next delivery to Kamloops and Vancouver 6/7th of March
article thumbnaiWe will come on Saturday March 7th to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver. We can bring beef, some pork and turkey, no lamb and honey. The next deliveries will be   Saturday April 11th 2015...
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